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Fog and Nature


These windsock style decoys, as the name suggests work great in a breeze, filling the bodies with air and giving natural movement to your pattern. Really lightweight and when folded take up very little space. They will still work with no wind, due to the foldable "backbone" that holds the body out when unfolded. Supplied as a kit, with fibre glass spike, folding "backbone, screws and locking star washer, the sentry heads, although pre drilled could be fastened in any position. The heads are flocked with the beak colour matching the species. Hunters in the US use this style of decoy a lot,and can have a huge pattern in place in 10 minutes and you don't need a truck and trailor to transport them.

Postage and Packing included in price to Mainland UK only. Please contact us if you are outside of this area prior to ordering so we can get the best price shipping for you.

Windsock Goose Decoys (Pink & Greylag)

  • To see the assembly instructions for a similar type of decoy, check out this YouTube video

    This shows assembly instructions for the Sentry variant. For feeder variant The fibre glass leg pushes through the lower body collet--> lower hole of head--> upper hole of head--> lower hole of body moulding-->upper body collet-->lock washer. Align the washer as close to top of leg as possible prior to tapping the molding with a hammer. The washer will self centre onto the leg (Note- The washer is a little fiddly to position into the gap between the upper body collet and the plastic molding. See pics for close up images

    If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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