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An unfortunate note for our Northern Ireland customers.

We apologise to our customers with BT postcodes but despite promises that shipping rates between Mainland UK and Northern Ireland would not increase post Brexit, unfortunately, all apart from Royal Mail have increased their prices and as a consequence we are forced to increase our shipping prices to NI. Some, smaller items are unaffected, however most items are. We ask, that prior to ordering, you contact us to enable us to check shipping rates and if there is an increase, we can source the most cost effective rate for your order.

Once again, we apologise for this apparent punishment by the UK couriers, but these are beyond our control.

Please note, you will only be asked to pay the difference between a Mainland post code and a BT postcode.


The brothers Murrell, (Otherwise known as the proprieters of DD&SS) out on the pigeons, before the world went mad.

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