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With all the kit that’s available for decoying, hide nets, poles, decoys, bouncers, seats etc, which supply, I think the dead bird cradle is overlooked a lot.

I personally use this piece of equipment as An essential.

These are ideal For all occasions of decoying, especially for setting up, where kit has to be carried a long way.

Being Robust and light weight, means you can travel light and with minimum decoys, just start adding shot birds to your pattern, to build it up,

Constructed from quality 4mm steel, with a 28cm ground peg for rigidity, the cradle being 25cm x 10cm with a 13cm neck support (Overall length 48cm), in powder coated green for protection (no rust).

The pigeon is easily installed onto the cradle, with minimum fuss, adding reality to your pattern makes for better pulling power.

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