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The flying crow decoy, is a useful piece of kit, to add to your existing pattern set up.

the flocked decoy comes in five sections and can be assembled in seconds.

The Wings just pop into the body holes, attach the feet & instal the ground peg, which gives the effect of the bird just landing into the decoys.

Or it can be attached to the steel and fibre floater pole, with the use of the wing spreaders, supplied with the pole, this I place just away from the main body of decoys, which then gives the effect of of the bird flighting into the pattern, with a bit of wind, also adds great movement (unfortunately not so windy at the moment to display this properly)

My usual, but not always, set up is a mixed selection of flocked full bodys, and half shells, with a couple of head turners, with the flying crow on the floater pole, adding shot birds placed in the dead bird cradles, (

previously blogged)

happy hunting

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