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Love Deer Stalking?

Well, here at Durham Decoys & Shooting Supplies, so do we! We also have some great quality items to help you enjoy that stalk. Whether you only need a wallet to carry some quickly accessible bullets, or something to carry your quarry off the hill side. We've something here for you.

Our Roe Sacks, Compact Roe Sack, and Quickslips are all manufactured for us by Phil Ogden, a name that is fast becoming synonymous with exceptional equipment. Although not a shooter himself, Phil designs in collaboration with his customers who have years of experience and knowledge in Field & Country pursuits, resulting in equipment manufactured to high standards, using high quality materials and spec'd to ensure they have adequate accessories and pockets/pouches/hangers/clips to cover most requirements. The Roe Sack & Compact Roe Sack are manufactured from Military grade Cordura, all zips are waterproofed and metal components corrosion resistant. The compact is a new line for us and is designed in the form of an accessory belt with the actual sack staying folded into a large pouch to the rear until required. This leaves your back free to sling rifles, sticks or whatever you require. The Quickslip 54, as the name suggests, will accommodate a rifle with scope and mod' up to 54" in length. Zips, again, all waterproofed and pockets and pouches to carry spare mags, bino’s etc. It can be hand carried or carried using the chest harness and contains plenty of padding and protection to keep your pride and joy safe from most knocks,the ballistic nylon material used in its manufacture gives it great strength and durability.

The trigger sticks, available as a Bipod or Tripod, again, an excellent and immensely popular item amongst our customers. We have personally used them for years now, and if you treat them correctly, they’ll be with you for many years to come. Just spread the legs, pull the trigger, gravity takes over and the legs extend and stop when the feet hit the floor or you release the trigger. Releasing the trigger locks the legs solidly, in whichever position they are in at the moment of release, ideal for uneven ground (which it generally is). With the legs spread to maximum, they can also be used in a kneeling or sitting position.

Bullet wallets, are available in Leather or Cordura and will hold 7 rounds in elasticated loops. Fastened with a press stud and can be carried in a pocket or slid onto a belt if required.

Also available from Durham Decoys & Shooting Supplies are some great quality but reasonable priced clothing, rustle free, wind & waterproof but breathable also, so you don’t steam up from the inside when you’re struggling through the bracken to get to your favourite spot.

See you again soon!!

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