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Updated: Mar 13, 2020

A bit of zeroing was required, so what better way to test the collapsible Mini Tripod X Rest.

Conditions were far from ideal with 30-40 mph winds, but it was a best opportunity in a long while, with the recent regular weekend storm following storm following storm. Finding a suitable hedge to offer the best protection and good backstop was a start.

set up the target, firstly at 100 yards.

Quick assembly of the X rest, a 3 piece jigsaw, slots into each section and a ball pin, to hold it together , Literally 5 seconds and you're Ready to go.

weighing 1.5kg, 22cm to the base of the V, and foam rubber grips to protect your pride and joy.

1st shot high On target, 2nd shot over adjusted, low on target, 3rd & 4th near enough, for the conditions 🌪

Moved the target to 45 yards, the main grouping was to the left, a flyer to the right, final adjustment of the cross hairs and last shot centre. 👍

The cross rest offered a very good, stable support throughout, a handy bit of robust kit for zeroing and target practise, or sporting shooting from a suitable position

thanks for looking and look out for my next blog


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