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This is a project I recently completed.

The existing finish looked tired, also it Carried a few marks in the stock and forend, that required removing. So this is a start to finish blog, with photos of the stages, hope you enjoy it.

Using the traditional gun stock oil finishing kit, from the gun room.

Firstly to raise the dents and marks, using a damp flannel, cover the area, with an iron on medium heat slowly rub on top of the flannel, keep checking the dent, until it has raised enough.

Remove the existing oils and wax’s by Using the cleaning and polishing compound, on a soft cloth, vigorously rubbing over the woodwork.

Remove the residues with a damp sponge and allow to dry.

With a soft cloth, liberally apply the red oil, repeat This four - five times allowing a 24 hour period between, each coat.

With a soft cloth, apply three coats of hardener, again allowing 24 hour period between each coat.

This will harden the oil, that has soaked into the woodwork.

1, Clean down with the polishing compound.

Apply a few spots of red oil, with an equal amount of hardener, rub this over the woodwork, leave for approximately 1 hour until tacky.

With the palm of your hand, (creating heat) vigorously rub into the wood work.

Repeat this from 1, several times, filling the pores of the wood until happy with the finish.

Hope you enjoyed this and keep safe

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