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Hi all,

In these dark days, I thought it might be good to do some back garden blogs, to take our minds of the dreaded Covid 19.

Why not, not much else happening 🙄

The Terminator Kit comes as an eight piece set, which mostly fits into the Durham Decoy carry bag, keeping the components together, while not in use(and if you want to keep it together, they make a handy peg bag) .

Light weight, simple and easy to assemble, and adds good movement to your pattern, moving totally with the wind direction.

Firstly locate the two small holes and install the cradle into the decoy.

Secondly, install the wings and tail into the slits in the decoy body,

Attach the cradle to the metal end of the straight pole, and the straight pole to the bent end pole.

Install the ground socket, essential this is verticle, to obtain the best results from the Terminator.

Install the bent end of the pole into the ground socket,

Its as simple as that, ready to go.

Have a look at the attached step by step photos and video from front a rear views, in action,

Thanks for looking, and keep safe, we want to see you all at the other side of this pandemic 👍

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