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Triple Decoy Carousels', Love 'em or hate 'em?.

These babies usually draw good debate when I've seen questions posed about them in the past. I've seen comments ranging from "Don't even go there" (To put it politely) to "Crackin' bit of kit for the price". So, how does it work?, well, take one of the cones and push it into the ground peg hole of the decoy, once you have it set as you'd like it, secure it with a self tapper. Do this for all of the decoys, carefully push the motor unit into the ground, insert the legs into the receptacles on the carousel then drop the decoys onto the legs. Turn on the switch and the carousel will rotate 120 degrees and stop for a few seconds, then move again, another 120 degrees and stop get the picture!!. The action of the motor stopping sharply, the momentum of the pigeons and wind (if there is any) causes the decoys to rotate back and forth. (There's a short video further down the page where you can see them in action)

Manufactured from abs plastic, 3 short, spiked legs secure it into the ground (don't stomp on it like a hide pole) and a small rotary switch on the side sets it away, they are one speed only (even though the switch APPEARS to be a rotary selector). No car batteries to lug around, they run on 4 x AA batteries (Not supplied), and they last for ages. We have a demo unit which we set away for shows and they have ran it for 3 full days without even slowing down.

So do they work?, well, we have had success with them, and we've also had days where the only thing moving is the carousel, but you could also say the same about your FF6 and these are a fraction of the price at £31.50 from Durham Decoys & Shooting Supplies (Find them here and the fact you get 3 flocked full body pigeon decoys with it. makes it a cheap little addition to your pattern. This is what comes in the kit, they are available without the decoys if you don't require them.

Just a short video of the triple decoy carousel working.

A pic' of the results after a sunny but chilly few hours on stubble. One of these with a some shells, a terminator, and a few more full bodies and you've got a decent pattern to work with.

Thanks for looking and hope to see you back soon.

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